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Personalized Therapeutics Seminars Archive (2010)

Seminar Archives - 2010

The Personalized Therapeutics Seminar series began in August 2008 and replaces the former seminar series. Personalized Therapeutics Seminars are held on Tuesdays from 11:00am-noon in conference room W7120 (Wishard Myers Building (WD), 7th Floor). Campus Map


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Date/Time/Location Presenter Title Topic
JAN 4 No Seminar    
JAN 5 James Rae   Genetic Predictors of Response to Breast Cancer Anti-Estrogen Therapy
JAN 12 David Jones   The Quantification of Drug for in vivo Phenotyping of Five CYPs after Low Dosage Administration
JAN 19     No Seminar
JAN 26 Sara Quinney   Drug Metabolism Changes during Pregnancy
FEB 2     No Seminar
FEB 9 Beth Pflug   Expanding Benzodiazepines into Cancer Therapeutics
FEB 16 Zeruesenay Desta   Efavirenz: Metabolism, Drug Interactions and Pharmacogenetics
FEB 23 Silvana Borges   The Role of Pharmacogenomics in Drug Development: A Regulatory Respective
MAR 2 Caryn Lerman   Pharmacogenetic Approaches to Nicotine Addiction Treatment
MAR 9      
MAR 16 ASCPT   No Seminar
MAR 22 Prof. Nick Holford
Professor, Clinical Pharmacology
Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology
University of Auckland
Three Strikes; You're Out – Why traditional statistical practice is stopping therapeutic progress in Parkinson's disease
MAR 23 Anuradha Ramamoorthy   Mechanisms of variability in CYP2D6 Metabolism: The contributions of polymorphisms, copy number variations and microRNA
MAR 30     No Seminar
APR 6 Rolf Kreutz Interventional Cardiology Fellow
Krannert Institute of Cardiology
Indiana University
Platelet P2Y12 Receptor Inhibitors - Personalized Therapeutics One Step at a Time
APR 13     No Seminar
APR 20     No Seminar
APR 27 Malaz Boustani, M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine; Adjunct Assoc Professor in Public Health Rapid Translation from Discovery to delivery – the Case of HABC and IDND
APR 29 Yuyan Jin, PhD FDA Fellow
Division of Pharmacometrics, School of Pharmacy University of Pittsburgh
Public Health Model for the Evaluation of the Management of Hypertension – A Proposal
MAY 4 Jasper Stevens, MSc Leiden University Preclinical biomarker model to study the PK-PD relationship of dopaminergic agents following intranasal administration in freely moving rats
MAY 11 Beth Pflug Indiana University
Division of Clinical Pharmacology
Expanding Benzodiazepines into Cancer Therapeutics
MAY 18 Michelle Rudek Johns Hopkins University The Clinical Pharmacology of Sorafenib in Patients with Acute Leukemias
MAY 19 Jason Bazil Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University An Integrated Bioenergetics Modeling Approach to Mitochondrial Permeability Transition
MAY 25 Thomas Hudson, MD
Second Annual Harry & Edith Gladstein Visiting Professor
President & Scientific Director,
Ontario Cancer Research Institute
Genome Variation and Cancer
JUN 1     No Seminar
JUN 8     No Seminar
JUN 15     No Seminar
JUN 30 Professor Juergen Thomale, PhD Head DNA Repair Lab, Institute of Cell Biology; Member Center of Medical Biotechnology, University of Essen Formation and repair of cisplatin-DNA damage: mouse lessons on drug resistance and side effects
JUL 6     No Seminar
JUL 13     No Seminar
JUL 21 Eric Sherer, PhD Fellow Candidate, Modeling Program An Adaptive – Predictive Model of Colonic Neoplasia at Colonscopy
JUL 27     No Seminar
AUG 3     No Seminar
AUG 10     No Seminar
AUG 17     No Seminar
AUG 24     No Seminar
AUG 31     No Seminar
SEP 7     Labor Day
SEP 14 Sophie Paczesny MD, PhD University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Biomarkers of Acute Graft vs Host Disease
SEP 21 Jessie Lu Graduate Student, Division of Clinical Pharmacology Mechanism of an Adverse Reaction to Methadone During Coadministration of Letrozole
SEP 28 Michael Christman, PhD President and CEO, Coriell Institute for Medical Research Using Personal Genome Information in Clinical Care- Challenges and Approaches in the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative
OCT 5 Jacques Turgeon, PharmD Vice President Research, University of Montreal Drug-drug interactions and drug-induced Long QT Syndrome
OCT 12 Jeffrey S. Barret, PhD Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania Modeling in Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology
OCT 19 Todd Skaar, PhD Associate Professor, Division of Clinical Pharmacology Drug metabolism and Hot Flashes
OCT 26     No Seminar
NOV 2 Lateef Aregbe Fellow, Division of Clinical Pharmacology, IUSM PTC299: A genetic approach to biomarker search for a novel anti-VEGF drug
NOV 9 Wolfgang Sadee, Dr.rer.nat. Professor of Medicine and Chair, Pharmacology Director, Program in Pharmacogenomics, Ohio State University Discovery of Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers via Expression Genetics
NOV 16 Virginia Vitzthum, PhD Professor, Department of Anthropology Human reproductive functioning in diverse environments: Evolutionary and proximate explanations
NOV 23     Thanksgiving
NOV 30 Laura Haneline, MD Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics Circulating Progenitor Cells as Potential Biomarkers During Pregnancy
DEC 7     No Seminar
DEC 14 Beth Pflug Associate Research Professor Indiana University School of Medicine Division of Clinical Pharmacology Energy sensing pathways and misguided lipogenesis in prostate cancer
DEC 21     Holiday
DEC 28     Holiday