Department of Medicine

Indiana Alcohol Research Center

Our Leadership

      Dr. David Crabb, Program Director, has overall responsibility for the conduct of the proposed research. He draws on the expertise of Dr. Sean O'Connor, Scientific Co-Director for Human Research and Alcohol Metabolism, and Drs. William McBride and Janice Froehlich, Co-Directors for the Neurobiology of Alcohol Preference and Craving.

      The Administrative Core oversees administration of the Center. Ingeborg Auditore, serves as Administrative Assistant and part-time Center Administrator and assists the Principal Investigators and Scientific Co-Directors in fiscal matters, equipment procurement, personnel and facilities management, planning, and budgeting.

David Crabb
Dr. David Crabb
Program Director
Sean O'Connor
Dr. Sean O'Connor
Scientific Co-Director
William McBride
Dr. William McBride
Scientific Co-Director
Dr. David A. Kareken
Dr. David A. Kareken
Deputy Director
Janice Froehlich
Dr. Janice Froehlich 
Scientific Co-Director
Howard J. Edenberg, Ph.D.
Dr. Howard J. Edenberg 
Scientific Co-Director