Department of Medicine


Introduction to Clinical Medicine II

We hope that you find this course helpful and that you enjoy learning about the rheumatic illnesses. There are 10 lectures which will cover the main diseases we treat in Rheumatology. The Canvas site has the PowerPoint handouts for each lecture, as well as a short quiz about each topic so you can have a chance to practice taking a test.

Although you will not be tested on the therapy of these illnesses, most of the lecturers have included either slides at the end of their Canvas presentations or additional information at the end of their handout that address therapy. During a week in April each of you will spend an afternoon with us. During those afternoons you will learn about the musculoskeletal exam and have a chance to examine a patient with inflammatory arthritis. You will also meet with Dr. Blakley, the course director, and review 15 case vignettes which will allow you to review the lecture material using a case study. The case vignettes are on Canvas, you should print and bring the case vignettes to these sessions. Each student is assigned to one afternoon and you should come professionally dressed and in a white coat. We have arranged for a number of different patients to meet with you and discuss their illnesses. Medical students feel this is a very helpful way to remember these illnesses and their manifestations.

If at any time you have questions or concerns about the course please contact us as below:

Course Director:
Michael Blakley, MD.

Course Coordinator:
Deborah Jenkins
☎ : (317) 274-7724