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Indiana Alcohol Research Center

Judicial Outreach Project

Program Description - Issues related to underage alcohol use and abuses are a concern for us all but when these issues occur within a community with one or more institutions of higher education, the problems can seem overwhelming. This program explores how judges, administrative officers of the courts and university judicial officers have analyzed problems both inside and outside the college community. The session will look at the capacity of higher education institutions and explore how courts can leverage these resources while keeping their focus on the administration of justice.

  • Faculty - Moderator: Judge Linda Chezem (ret.), Indiana Superior Court
    • Judge Ronald Bogle (Ret.) - North Carolina Superior Court
    • Judge Jim Van Winkle - Reno, Nevada, Municipal Court
    • Mr. Kevin Richard - Director of Specialty Court Programs, Rhode Island Family Court
    • Mr. Timothy Cruz - District Attorney, Plymouth County, Massachusetts
    • Ms. Carol Millie - University of Nevada - Reno, Office of Judicial Conduct

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