Department of Medicine


Intravital Microscopy Core

The purpose of the Intravital Microscopy Core is to:

  1.  Provide expert service, animal models, consultation training and intravital optical microscopy customized to the specific needs of individual kidney and urologic investigators.
  2. Development and characterization of novel biosensor probes and in vivo delivery methods for these probes, and characterization of transgenic rat models.
  3. Further develop, characterize and optimize cutting edge technologies of intravital multiphoton microscopy including fluorescent lifetime imaging microscopy, and methods to increase the reach of two photon microscopy for 3 dimensional imaging and quantitative analysis.
  4. Provide any of our developed techniques, approaches and rat strains to other investigators locally, nationally and internationally.



Core Director 

Kenneth Dunn

Kenneth Dunn, PhD

☎: (317) 278-0436