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Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Topic Lecturer
Introduction; scope of course; introduction to "model independent" pharmacokinetics Non-compartmental pharmacokinetics analysis; statistical moment analysis, rate processes, graphical analysis, renal clearance Bergstrom, Hall, Gorski, Satterwhite Latz, Schneck
Linear compartment models, One-compartment model (IV bolus, infusions, oral administration), Curve stripping exponentials Bergstrom, Gorski, Zhang, Ni, Musib
Linear compartment models, Two-compartment model (IV bolus, infusions, oral administration), polyexponential equations - relationship to compartmental models; Multi-compartment models (IV and oral) Bergstrom, Gorski, Zhang, Ni, Musib
Multiple dosing, prediction/simulation of single and multiple dose, superposition, dose proportionality, volume of distribution, protein binding Bergstrom, Musib, Kothare Chaudhary, Gorski
Clearance concepts, first-pass metabolism, protein binding, entero-hepatic recirculation, physiologic models, effect of physiologic processes on pharmacokinetics Hall, Gorski
Nonlinear pharmacokinetic principles, Michaelis-Menten Kinetics, zero-order kinetics, Time Dependent Pharmacokinetics Abu-Raddad, Suri, Lobo, Small
Pharmacodynamics; Principles of Drug Action; modeling drug action, biomarkers Forgue, Jin, Satterwhite
Bioavailability/Bioequivalence Absorption kinetics, sustained release, statistical concepts for BA/BE, Historical Aspects of BE assessment (75/75 and Individual Bioequivalence, Replicate Study Design) Biopharmaceutics Classification System Witcher, de la Peña, Bergstrom, Skrivanek
Introduction to population pharmacokinetic modeling and Bayesian forecasting Heathman, Sinha, Latz, Chien
PK/PD variability, special populations, pediatrics, elderly, effect of age, weight, disease on pharmacokinetics; Therapeutic and Clinical PK Applications: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Satterwhite, Latz Wrishko, Schneck
Study Design: Theoretical and Practical Aspects, Optimal sampling Freidrich, Park, Heathman
Pharmacogenetics in pharmacokinetics Cytochrome P450: In vitro drug metabolism Callaghan, Wrighton, Flockhart, Gorski
Metabolism and metabolite kinetics: Phase 1 and 2 enzymes; PK of biotechnology products, antibodies, and endogenous substances Kielbasa, Kothare, de la Peña, Hansen
Drug Interactions, In vivo and in vitro methods and strategies for evaluating drug interactions Desta, Gorski, Chien