Centers & Programs

Research Centers

Diabetes Translational Research Center - David Marrero, PhD, director

The Diabetes Translation Research Center conducts research projects that share a focus on diabetes prevention, care and treatment.

Hartford Center of Excellence in Geriatric Medicine - Steven Counsell, MD, director

IU Geriatrics has been recognized by the John A. Hartford Foundation as one of 24 Centers of Excellence. The mission of IU Geriatrics is to promote successful aging by improving the quality of health care services for older adults through education, research, and the interdisciplinary team approach to care.

Indiana Alcohol Research Center - David W. Crabb, MD, director

The Indiana Alcohol Research Center focuses on the elucidation of the biomedical and psychosocial factors that contribute to alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Center researchers study the biological and molecular bases for differences in responses to alcohol and the consequences of heavy drinking. It is a national resource for selectively bred animals differing in alcohol preference, it performs genotyping services for a number of candidate genes implicated in genetic risk of alcoholism, and is also highly involved in educating policy makers regarding the science behind diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism, and in the training of medical and social work students.

Indiana Center for AIDS Research - Samir Gupta, MD, MS, director

To increase collaborative research throughout the state of Indiana in all aspects of HIV/AIDS prevention and care. We seek novel methods to improve access to care for all persons living with HIV/AIDS, improve retention in care and adherence to treatment, reduce comorbidities for those living with HIV, increase community engagement and education, and eventually to cure HIV.

Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy - Kenneth Dunn, PhD, scientific director

High resolution confocal epifluorescence and multiphoton microscopy of cells, tissues and organs in living animals and fixed samples, and development of methods for imaging and digital image analysis

Indiana Center for Vascular Biology & Medicine (ICVBM) - Keith March, MD, PhD, director

The ICVBM is committed to being a leader in basic as well as applied research in understanding mechanisms of vascular wellness and disease, and the development of leading-edge medical therapies to improve the care of patients with vascular problems.

Indiana University Center for Aging Research - Christopher M. Callahan, MD, director

The mission of the Indiana University Center for Aging Research is to test innovative strategies to improve the quality of health care and self-care for older adults. We conduct health services, epidemiological and translational research at the intersection of primary care, geriatrics, psychiatry, and public health and have developed, tested and disseminated models of health care delivery for seniors throughout the continuum of care.

Indiana University Center for Bioethics

The mission of the IU Center for Bioethics is to serve as a local, state, and national resource in bioethics research, education and policy.

Indiana University Center for Global Health - Robert Einterz, MD, director

The IU Center for Global Health fosters collaborative and interdisciplinary partnerships across the university and around the world and conducts and disseminates research in order to create successful global health care systems and train the next generation of global health leaders.

O'Brien Research Center for Advanced Renal Microscopic Analysis - Bruce Molitoris, MD, director

In June 2002, the IU Division of Nephrology received NIH funding to establish a George M. O'Brien Research Center for Advanced Renal Microscopic Analysis. A primary goal of this center is to develop new optical methodologies for investigators in Nephrologic and Urologic research. Approaches include intravital microscopy, 3-dimensional imaging and quantitative microscopic analyses.

Research Institutes

Indiana Institute for Personalized Medicine - Jamie Renbarger, MD, interim director

The Indiana Institute for Personalized Medicine explores how genetic information and environmental exposure affect each person's risk to develop certain diseases and response to medication.

Krannert Institute of Cardiology - Peng-Sheng Chen, MD, director

Research at the internationally recognized Krannert Institute includes studies ranging from molecular mechanisms to clinical treatments in a wide range of cardiac related problems. Major areas of emphasis include cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmias, cardiac ultrasound, vascular biology, heart failure and transplantation, interventional cardiology, regeneration, and the repair of cardiac muscle and cardiac cell proteins. Integration between basic and clinical research is the hallmark of this institute.

Regenstrief Institute, Inc. - Christopher Callahan, MD, interim president and CEO

The Regenstrief Institute conducts research to improve health care by optimizing the capture, analysis, content, and delivery of the information needed by patients, their providers and policy makers and conducts interventional studies designed to measure the effect of the application of this research on the efficiency and quality of health care.

Research Core Laboratories

Cardiovascular Ischemia and Vasculogenesis (CIVC) - Robert Bacallao, M.D., Director of ICVBM CIVC

Provides technical expertise and assistance in conducting experiments employing various rodent cardiovascular disease models for generating physiological data or for testing experimental compounds, molecules, cells or devices.

Affiliations: Center for Vascular Biology and Medicine, Department of Medicine, IU School of Medicine

Clinical Pharmacology Analytical Core - David R. Jones, PhD, director

The Analytical Core provides services to 1) assist in the quantification of drugs and/or metabolites, 2) identification of metabolites, and 3) pharmacokinetic analysis of data.

Affiliations: Department of Medicine – Clinical Pharmacology Division, IU Simon Cancer Center, IU School of Medicine

Flow Cytometry Resource Facility - Edward Srour, PhD, director

Cell sorting, immunofluorescence analysis and other flow cytometric assays.

Affiliations: IU Simon Cancer Center, IU School of Medicine

Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy - Kenneth Dunn, PhD, scientific director

High resolution confocal epifluorescence and multiphoton microscopy of cells, tissues and organs in living animals and fixed samples, and development of methods for imaging and digital image analysis.

Affiliations: Indiana Genomics Initiative (INGEN), IU Simon Cancer Center, IU School of Medicine

IU Infectious Diseases Laboratory - Kenneth Fife MD, PhD, director

The Infectious Diseases Laboratory (IDL) has provided research support services for multiple investigators as well as clinical diagnostic services for multiple healthcare facilities since 1983. The IDL provides diagnostic services for multiple sexually transmitted pathogens and supports researchers investigating these pathogens as well as behavioral scientists who use acquisition of sexually transmitted pathogens as biologic correlates of sexual behavior

Transgenic & Knockout MouseLoren Field, PhD, director

Production of transgenic mouse lines using both blastocyst injection of embryonic stem cells and pronuclear injection of DNA.

Affiliations: Indiana Genomics Initiative (INGEN), IU Simon Cancer Center, IU School of Medicine

Other Research Organizations

Indiana University Center for Health Services Research - Michael Weiner, MD, MPH, director

The IU Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research is an interdisciplinary research center whose mission is to advance the science of implementing evidence-based practices in health care systems. Work at the center involves partnering with managers, clinicians, patients and other researchers in Indiana and the nation in interdisciplinary teams to conduct innovative research which improves healthcare practice through 1) Identifying and sharing best practices for process improvement; and 2) Implementation of health information technology (HIT).