Department of Medicine

Clinical Pharmacology

Pharmacogenetics and Physiologic Disposition of Drugs

Topic Lecturer
Introduction Dr. J.T. Callaghan
Introduction to Pharmacokinetics Dr. R.F. Bergstrom
PK/PD Dr. R.F. Bergstrom
Pharmacokinetics Basic Concepts and Applications Dr. S. Hall
Phase I Metabolism and Enzymology (System) (1) Dr. A. Borel
Role of Modeling and Simulation in Drug Development Dr. V. Sinha
Drug Transporters Dr. K. Hilgren
Renal Aspects of Drug Disposition Dr. J. Voelker
Phase I Metabolism and Enzymology (System) (II) Dr. J. Grace
Phase II Metabolism and Enzymology (GT&ST) TBA
Understanding Molecular Biology Dr. T. Skaar
Inhibition Dr. D. Jones
Genetic Modulation of Drug Metabolism (Clinical) Dr. J.T. Callaghan
Induction Dr. S. Wrighton
In vitro Drug Metabolism Methodology Mrs. Barb Ring
Metabolism Studies in Drug Discovery and Development (Why, When and How) Dr. C. McMillian
Toxicologic Consequences of Drug Metabolilsm Dr. J. Stevens
Clinical Significance of Drug Metabolsim Dr. J.T. Callaghan
Drug Measurement I - Principles of Chromatography Dr. M.P. Knadler
Pharmacogenetics of Receptors and Signaling Systems Dr. D. Flockhart
Surrogates and Biomarkers Dr. D. Flockhart
LC/MS, NMR and New Techniques in Drug Metabolism Dr. A. Chaudhary
Drug Measurement II - Radio- and stable-isotopes Dr. N. Faridt
Summary and Review Dr. S. Hall